Cross DS106 Off Your Bucket List!

When trying to figure out what assignment I want to remix, I searched through a bunch of my past work to gain inspo on old assignments I loved doing. Two that stuck out to me were my bucket list posts–because the first time I did it as a writing assignment and the second time I… Continue reading Cross DS106 Off Your Bucket List!

Nathan’s Reese’s Puffs Take the Big Screen

Welcome to my first remix! When thinking about what work I had done this semester and wanted to remix, the first thing that came to mind was my FAVORITE project so far, Nathan’s Reese’s Puffs. This initially was a design project, but remix it and now it’s a video project! In order to make my… Continue reading Nathan’s Reese’s Puffs Take the Big Screen

Created Daily

This weeks daily creates weren’t exactly my favorite. In all honesty, I feel like I’ve had much more creative ones in previous weeks, but either way, lets see what I’ve done!


I’m not gonna lie, I have had my idea for my final project since the first week of this semester. I love using digital media as a creative outlet, and especially to tell stories. This class has provided me a space to do that, so I promise my mind has been running on my final… Continue reading Brainstorming…