Something More…

Throughout this semester, I’ve said how I like to tell my story through how those around me impact my life. When reflecting on how I could make my story something more… I think I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who I have wrote about are still a major part in my story. They… Continue reading Something More…

Apply to Un-University Today!

Un-University is officially official! Listen to me, Lucy, and Rachel showcase our lives as college students in this crazy pandemic world through sound effect stories, quarantine show binges, commercials, and even giving our listeners (YOU GUYS) advice!

Week Seven is Heaven

Wow! I made it through another week! This week was definietly a little different than the past ones because of the group work, but I still loved it nonetheless. First, I started out my week by doing some Daily Creates! I quickly discovered that this week my Daily Creates were design heavy, but I had… Continue reading Week Seven is Heaven