Crustacean Creation

Wow! Another week of Daily Creates completed! I think this week has been my favorite with Daily Creates so far, so let’s see what I did!

And We’re Live!

This week I listened to DS106 Radio, where I heard Episode Nine: I Saw Myself Running and ESC: Sonic Adventure in the Atmosphere. Personally I am not an auditory learner, and listening to things in order to comprehend them is rather difficult for me. I usually need visuals. However, I greatly enjoyed listening to the… Continue reading And We’re Live!

A Tripp Through UCLA with Kanye and Mr. Worldwide

Yes. That is the title of this piece, and this piece, is my attempt at a mixtape. EDIT: YouTube and SoundCloud both blocked my mixtape for copyright reasons, so the MP3 is below. This mixtape has been my baby since Monday and has literally taken all of my time and energy–but I am EXTREMELY proud… Continue reading A Tripp Through UCLA with Kanye and Mr. Worldwide

My RAD Radio Bumper!

I hope you all enjoy my radio bumper! I used Garage Band to make this and I had a lot of fun using techno/EDM type beats. Hope I get to hear it on DS106 Radio!

Men on the Moon

My first time EVER listening to a story without visuals was last night when I listened to Moon Graffiti by The Truth Podcast. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve listened to my friends tell me stories about their days, radio shows, and my parents read to me as a kid–but in each of those scenarios I… Continue reading Men on the Moon