Creating Daily

Another week, another Daily Create (or 3)! Overall, I had a fun time doing the Daily Creates this week! The first and last one I did were done on PicsArt, but the middle one was done with the website provided. Can’t wait for week five!

Collaged Up

For this assignment, I made a collage that represents me on PicsArt. I wanted to use bright colors (especially pink because it’s my favorite) and places, people, and things, that I love. Throughout the collage you can see my best friends, my brother, and my love for lacrosse (bottom row), as well as positive quotes… Continue reading Collaged Up

Testing Out Tips

I think this image/the story behind me capturing it truly encapsulates my story of loving stars and photography. Like said in the caption, I love stars and Orion is my favorite constellation (only because it is easy to find lol). Most of my childhood memories take place under the stars with my neighbors, and I… Continue reading Testing Out Tips