A Tripp Through Design

An important fact about me: I LOVE movies. But it isn’t so much the storyline… it’s how the story is told. The color schemes, the angles of the camera, the editing style–every step of design that is taken in order to produce the story, is what I love.

Because of that, I really enjoyed the readings/videos–especially the video on how they made the intro for Stranger Things.

In my free time, I love to make videos. I made one documenting my first semester of college, and it was my first attempt at a multi-medium piece much like the Stranger Things intro. I didn’t realize I was using basic design principles while I was creating though.

I printed out pictures and used a green screen in order to make a stop motion over-layer for the videos I had from the semester. I was able to edit it in order to make the pieces of paper look like they are being balled up and thrown across the screen, getting folded up, etc. It took me forever, but I loved doing it.

Throughout the process, the main principles I used were color, texture, and grids/layout.

The pictures were black and white and I made sure to crumple them up and rip the edges before taking the photos of them on the green screen. This added a retro feel and added a lot of texture to the piece. The videos in the background were full color, so the pictures being black and white made both aspects pop. The principles layout/grids came out when it was time to move the photos across the screen. I had to place them in a way that the screen still looked pleasing to the eye and not overcrowded/empty.

I really enjoyed getting to read more into design–because I feel like I’ve exercised a lot of these ideas in my creative pursuits, I just didn’t have a name for what I was doing.

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