A Week Shown Through Daily Creates

I decided it would be best to just do one big post of my Daily Creates so it would be easy to find them in one place!

To be transparent, at the beginning of the week I was dreading the Daily Creates. I thought it was just going to be another boring assignment to add to my list of things to do. But I actually really enjoyed them. I’ve always been a really creative person, and it was nice getting to exercise that this week through the Daily Create.

I kicked off my week on the 31st with a DS106 party! I made the invitation with all of my favorite colors (pink, blue, and yellow) and made sure to make it bright and welcoming!
Then, on the 1st I decided I would do an affirmation about love. Valentine’s Day is coming up!
Next, I was tasked to write a poem about cats on the 2nd. If you know me, you KNOW cats terrify me. However, I do like poetry and had fun doing this nonetheless.
And finally, I drew inspiration from my own life (literally I posted this at 7:30 and I had accounting at 7:50), and wrote out exactly how this picture made me feel in my accounting class.


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