Another Long Awaited Thank You…

Gratitude is one of my favorite feelings… I think it’s because in my mind, it’s something you choose to feel. When thinking back on my favorite assignments so I could figure out which ones I wanted to revise/do again, I easily knew I wanted to write another thank you letter.

This time to my best friend, Tyler Jefferson Micheal.

If you’ve kept up with a lot of my posts, you would realize that Tyler plays a huge role in my life. I only met him this year, but he is one of the best people I have ever met.

We officially became best friends over Zoom in our FSEM when he thought we were besties from the start. He began to make fun of me (light-heartedly of course, the way friends do) and I remember being so confused as to why he was picking on me (he wasn’t I was just over reacting). A couple days in, our third member of our trio, AMC, chimed in and threw some shade back at him, resulting in me DMing her on Instagram, and the three of us becoming our trio. We all became even closer since coming to school.

Since last semester, I’ve been meaning to thank Tyler for everything he’s done for me, but I tend to struggle a lot when it comes to expressing my thoughts.

Tyler has given me family here at UMW.

I do not know anyone more caring than him. He loves everyone around him and spreads joy (even though his favorite music artist is Lewis Capaldi and he prides himself on only listening to sad music) everywhere he goes. Tyler deserves to hear my appreciation for him above everyone, and I’m happy I got to officially thank him for everything.

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