How I Spent My Time in Week Nine

I officially made it through another week!

Oddly enough, I started off my week reflecting on what my final project would be like. Honestly, I’ve been excited for the final project since the first day we got the syllabus. Video production is where I feel at most home and I love to tell my stories through it. I’ve had a YouTube channel since my junior year of high school, and I genuinely love doing it. So when it came to reflecting on what I wanted it to be like, I knew A) that I wanted to work alone so I had full creative control and B) I wanted it to be something people could relate to. To accomplish B I am planning on taking a poll (how is not yet decided, but I think TikTok would give me the most responses) where the question somehow relates back to me so I can create a sort of shared experience through the video. In my opinion, that shared experience (whether it’s pain, joy, etc.) is what makes life beautiful.

Then I got going on my Daily Creates, which I ended up compiling into a story!

March 21st
March 23
March 24

Then, I listened to ds106 Radio and reflected on getting to listen to mine and my classmates shows!

Next, it was time for the reworking of two of my assignments!

First, I decided to reflect on how this semester has been going so far in this course. I really do love it and I’m 110% glad I’ve taken it. I really like to talk out my thoughts, because it just helps me process things in general, so any chance I get to create a sort of podcast feel I am excited to do!

Then, I wrote another thank you letter!

I really liked doing this assignment the first time, and I think you can never express your gratitude enough, so this was a perfect assignment for me to do again–this time for my best friend Tyler Michael.

I tied my week together by keeping up with my classmates posts and commenting on them. Here are some of my favorites…

Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
My comment is currently waiting for approval.
My comment is currently waiting for approval.

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