I’m famous now.

Welcome to the second outcome of my exploration of the assignment bank! I have made the executive decision that I am manifesting my fame, so I have got to start acting like I am already famous. Period. This led me to my very own Vanity Fair Interview, which I intend to react and respond to at the end of the semester (like the iconic Billie Eilish does every year). Personally, I LOVE celebrity interviews, and when I saw an opportunity in the Assignment Bank to step into those shoes and interview myself, I was excited. It’s always mind-blowing to me when a celebrity, especially actors who are only ever seen as their characters, voice their own thoughts and are extremely well spoken. To say the least, that interest made this experience very fun.

I. Loved. Doing. This. Seriously, getting to sit down, watch Billie’s interview, write down the questions that most applied to me, and then thoughtfully answer them was just an all around good time. I liked being able to voice my thoughts. The questions in the interview are ones that I feel like most have the answers to, but don’t often get shared with the world–and I’m happy I got my moment to share mine. But even after the interview I loved the editing process. I’ve made videos since I was in middle school, so I understand the editing software (FinalCut Pro) very well, but I really liked keeping it simple with the editing like the Vanity Fair one was. I then decided to add my own lovely flavor with the doodles on the thumbnail!

What I like most about this though, is it is helping me tell my story now. I am going to be able to look back on this and be like, “Oh yeah, I did think that then.” Or sit there and say, “Oh boy were you wrong.” I can’t wait to “duet” this in a few months and see how much I’ve changed. It doesn’t sound like that much time, but I still think I’m going to grow. This piece is a time capsule moment of my story, of my thoughts, of whats important to me now.

But, I think overall just enjoyed getting to be creative. I liked getting to share whats important to me and what I want to get out of this semester. I hope at the end of this semester I will have done what I said I will do–inspire people–and make myself proud. Either way, I hope you enjoy the video just as much as I enjoyed making it.


  1. This is so funny! I enjoyed watching this and it seems like you are having fun. Maybe its time to give David Dobrik a call with those editing skills haha! Good stuff

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