Me, Myself, and I… 29 Days Later

When thinking about what assignment I wanted to revise, the first one that came to mind was my self-reflection.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my first self-reflection, but I feel like my outlook on how I tell my story has changed since the course has started. In this piece, I explain how my view point has changed and what I’ve gotten out of this course from the view point of a month later.

This class really has given me a creative outlet this semester, and I am extremely grateful for everything I’m getting to do in it. I genuinely love everything I create–and I’m proud of it. I can’t express how much I enjoy looking like an idiot with my brothers 5 year old Xbox headset on, while sitting in front my my laptop on GarageBand, and just expressing my ideas. It makes my day. I tend to struggle when it comes to putting my thoughts into words, but the work for this course gives me the creative mediums where I feel like I can actually express what I’m thinking. It allows me to thrive in an area I usually can’t.

I hope you enjoy listening to my reflection!

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