More Daily Creates!

If I’m being honest with myself, I wasn’t much of a fan of the Daily Create prompts this week. Usually when I keep up with them, if I see one I like, I will do it, and if I see one I don’t, then I’ll wait. But my last two Daily Creates for this week more so got done because they had to, not because I was in love with the prompt. I think I enjoy the ones where I get to edit photos the best. Regardless, lets take a look at what I made this week!

April 13th – Got to bust out my editing skills and edit this picture of me and one of my best friends from prom. We always do this pose, so I knew it would be perfect.
April 15th – Got to do a little more editing to put Mike Wazowski in the Pastaolympics! I wish I had a real life photo I could have used for this prompt, but either way, I love Mike Wazowski and I like the way this turned out.
April 16th – This was definitely not my favorite prompt, but nonetheless, I created. I’m just not a huge poetry person. However, I am glad I got to share my love for strawberry milk with the world.

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