On The Road Trailer

This week I spent the most time on my vlog I posted earlier… 4 days to be exact.

So when I was searching for other assignments to do in the assignment bank, I knew I wanted them to either be completely different or relate back to it in some way, because I’m extremely proud of how my vlog turned out.

I came to the conclusion I would make a trailer for my final project of the week.

I said this in my post last week, but “those around us are the story. We are just the ones that tell it.” I think my vlog of my day with my team proves that point exactly. So when it came time to edit the trailer, I knew I wanted it to emphasize that idea.

I knew I wanted to capture three main ideas: the day was fast paced, very fun, and ultimately–we are all still young.

I think the coolest thing about vlogging is it gives you the power to go back and watch your story in live time. You are literally documenting a raw moment forever.

When selecting clips for the trailer, I wanted to pick some of the funniest/most hype moments of the vlog–which I think I did successfully.

Then in editing, I wanted it to seem very fast paced, because that day felt like I never got to breathe. So I cut the clips directly after they were over.

Finally, when it came time to showing that we are all just young college kids who are doing what we love, I turned to music choice. EDM is a big part of lacrosse (I don’t know why and I’ve played lacrosse my whole life, but I feel like every warm up playlist consists of EDM and the occasional early 2000s throwback). I ended up selecting the song “All Night” by Icona Pop!

To end the editing, I put a recording filter over it. I wanted to emphasize the point that I was documenting it. I wanted to drive home the fact that those around me are the story, and I’m the one telling it.

I then closed when the beat drop with the title of the vlog and my name.

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