T-Swift? More like C-Tripp.

This has probably been one of my most simply made, yet well thought out assignments to date.

Technicality wise, this wasn’t difficult to make. I just went to my messages and sent myself a video of me lip syncing to Taylor Swift.

But I did struggle a bit with what to make my Memoji look like. I wanted to make sure I had fun with it, so I took inspiration from my friend Nathan. Nathan loves his Memoji. His is a blue man with a monocle, and he sends it as a response to most texts. Like seriously, it was the only thing we would send each other over break…

Here is an example!

Pink is my favorite color, so I knew I wanted it to be the main color of my character. Another majorly important fact about me is that I’m from Maryland (specifically just outside of Baltimore). If you should know anything about Baltimore, it is that it is home of the Ravens and the Orioles. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not that into watching sports–unless it is the Ravens or the Orioles… then they have my full attention. So I used their colors (purple for the Ravens and orange for the Orioles) in my hair and hat. I went with a cowboy hat because I have a light up blue one that is one of my favorite accessories!

Then it came time to select a song.

Another fun fact about me is that I love music. Music can seriously dictate my entire mood. When I first came to school I was not that into Taylor Swift… I wouldn’t even call me a Swifty… yet.

But my roommate, Maria, loves Taylor Swift. I didn’t really realize it until this semester, but she seriously only plays Taylor Swift. With the new album release, I have found myself listening to her more on my own accord as well. So it only felt right to use a Taylor Swift song!

I hope you enjoy my karaoke!


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