Week Eleven was Heaven

I think this week put the most amount of time, effort, and thought into my work. I only created two videos, but they both took many late nights and a lot of storage on my computer (seriously I had to wipe it like two times because I just kept needing to insert clips/download stuff to make them fun) and are probably the best things I’ve created so far.

But before we go into those, let’s start with my Daily Creates!

April 6th – Got to think back on how beautiful Longwood Gardens was! I haven’t been in forever but I 100% recommend going!
April 7th – Was catching up on game film with my telescope! Gotta make sure I saw everything!
April 8th – Struck a pose in my mirror! #LetMeTakeASelfie

Now for my videos this week…

This video is probably the best thing I have ever created. It took me quite sometime to make it (considering I started it last week and finished it this week) and I the amount of effort I put into the editing was astronomical. The meaning behind this video is extremely important to me, so I knew from the start that I didn’t want this to just be a bunch of clips thrown together. I decided I would be giving this piece 7 stars because the editing process was extremely rigorous. I watched an insane amount of old footage, cut the clips in order to capture my favorite moments, messed with the audio forever because I wanted to include all the laughter (but I still had to make sure it flowed well), made it a mixed media piece by using green paper and paint markers to green screen on the doodles, and added frames/filters to signify me reflecting on my amazing moments. For more explanation, feel free to check out my blog post!

Then I also created another vlog!

This video also took me quite a few days and late nights. I love the way it turned out though! The editing process wasn’t as difficult as the other piece I created this week, but it still had it’s challenges for other reasons. I think the thing I struggle with the most is the pace and how to make the vlog flow. I want them to be entertaining so I can’t just leave in 5 minutes of me talking, but I also want them to flow and tell the story of the day. In my blog post, I explain how I see my editing style for the vlogs as horizontal twice (I work through the footage to pick out the parts I actually want to use and then revise it), and then up (I add in layers of fun effects, words, etc). Overall, I think this was my funniest vlog and I love the way it turned out! I know my team loved seeing it too!

Overall this week 100% pushed me to develop my editing style, and I am extremely proud of myself. I can’t wait to put together my final project.

On that note, I also brainstormed for my final project. I’ve decided to ask those who are important to me “What are the little things in life that make it worth living?” and create a cinematic masterpiece showing everything. I actually just sent them all a google form to fill out for it a few hours ago and the responses I have gotten are amazing and extremely heart warming!

I think the person who impressed me the most this week was Johnny. He was in quarantine, yet still found a way to make his posts!

My favorite post from him was…

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I also loved…

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