Week Ten, I’ve Done it Again

This week has probably been the longest one yet… but it’s been my favorite one. I’ve been making videos/telling stories through this medium since I was little, so I was completely comfortable in this sphere. However, everything took me a while because since I’m very experienced in this area, I wanted to put out my best work possible.

But before I get to my assignments, lets look at my Daily Creates!

March 30th – I got to show off/promote this site to everyone on Twitter! This is probably the thing I am the most proud of creating recently, so it was my first thought to put in!
March 31st – When trying to figure out what to do for this Daily Create I was looking through funny photos I had for inspiration. This picture was taken two summers ago at my last club lacrosse practice. If this doesn’t say fever dream, I don’t know what does.

Ok now for my video essay.

Being forced to actually pick apart this scene was actually very fun. As a movie nerd (not someone who has seen all the classics like you may think… but as someone who is way too invested in how films are actually made) I’ve always been one to look at the techniques in how a film is made (camera placement/movement, editing, etc.), especially when I am not a big fan of the film. However, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of my favorite movies, and this scene remains my favorite movie scene of all time. But because I am a big fan of the movie, I didn’t focus as much on the techniques used in this scene–all I knew was that it was cool how Ferris talked to you. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to pick apart this scene so I can hopefully apply these techniques to my work.

For my biggest project this week… even though it was only two stars… I vlogged one of my away games with my team. In my opinion, the amount of time and effort (4 days, 1 mental breakdown, and very little sleep) I put into this was worth more than two stars; however, it is done.

I’ve been vlogging since my senior year of high school, and I’ve missed it. So getting to bring it back has been a lot of fun. My favorite part of it though is the editing process, because if it weren’t for the editing no one would really watch it. The editing is what makes it something more than me just walking around with my friends. I showed it to one of my teammates when I finished it and I think the coolest thing was that she complimented my editing style. I’ve been watching YouTube for years and trying different techniques so create a sort of mashup style of editing from my favorite creators, but I never really thought of it as my own until she told me that. I am extremely proud of this piece and the way it turned out.

Then, for four stars, I made a trailer to my vlog.

I liked getting to make the trailer because it enabled me to encapsulate what the viewers would be getting in a matter of seconds. I like my vlogs to feel fun, young, and authentic and I think the editing style really sold this. The high energy from my friends, up beat sound track, quick cuts, and recording filter hit all of those points.

And finally, for my most meaningful part of the week, I made a short documentary.

In most of my posts, I talk about reflecting. I think reflection is a key aspect in ones growth. So, when I was figuring out what I wanted to do for this assignment, I knew I wanted it to A) be meaningful and B) show people who are important to me. I gathered some friends, chose my questions, and got them to answer. But the part that sells this piece is the fact that it’s silent. No one says a word. The editing is what adds to this and makes it work even more. The piano and timing of the cuts add emphasis on how long people took to come up with their answers, write the answers, etc. I think the most rewarding part of this experience was getting to see what my friends wrote, and have myself know that they are achieving their legacy. It made me proud.

I especially loved the creativity I saw this week!

My favorite post by far was…

I thought the creativity in this was amazing and Jaelynn had so much fun with it! Jaelynn if you are seeing this, can we please be friends?

I also loved…

Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
My comment is waiting for approval.
My comment is waiting for approval.

All in all, I really loved this week. I think the only thing I struggled with was the workload/time it took me to complete my assignments, but I also did that to myself with my perfectionism in this area. I’m excited for next week and I can’t wait to see what else I come up with!

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