We’re Through Week Two

WooHoo! Week two is complete! I think this week definitely required more time than I thought, but I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it.

Throughout the week, I kept up to date with the Daily Creates on Twitter, and ended up posting them all on here in an umbrella post so they could be easy to find in one place. Initially, I thought the Daily Creates would be more of an extra project that was just busy work, and I was a little annoyed at the idea of doing them. HOWEVER, by the end of the week I was realizing how much I LOVED them. I genuinely loved the break in my day it gave me to just be creative. I felt like I was in kindergarten again. I actually get excited now to see what I get to do the next day (there was one night at 1:00am that I checked to see what it was because I was that enthusiastic about it hahaha, 🙁 it wasn’t posted yet tho).

I also really liked the Daily Creates because they gave me the chance to see what my classmates did/what direction they took it. It reminds me of a quote I brought up in my continuation of interpreting our theme (What’s (Y)our Story) from AJ Storm’s blog:

We may all start with the same prompt but our endings will differ from each other.”

AJ Storm

Some of my favorites were definitely from the Affirmation Poster Daily Creates on February 1st and the Keith Haring Daily Create on February 3rd. I made sure to let my classmates know how much I loved their work!

Rachel’s work on the Affirmation Poster and My Response
Ronald’s work on Keith Haring and My Response

Outside of the Daily Creates, I also made sure to check in on my classmates blog posts and keep up to date on what they were doing. Again, I thought this would be more “busy work” than anything, but I found myself excited to see what other people were doing and in what ways I would get inspired from their work.

I think some of my favorites were Lucy’s Pet Peeves Bill Board, Pink Nail Polish’s Intro Post, and Ari’s “Code Like It’s Hot“.

You can find my comments on these posts and the tweets above and more on my Twitter/other pages; but for the sake of this summary I decided to just show my favorites.

I also really enjoyed getting to watch everyone’s blog become their own/update my own. I especially liked some of the title changes like “A Baddie’s Blog” and “The Sleepy Review“. As for my own page, I’ve decided to stick with my title (A Tripp Through My Life) and the slogan “Documenting my life one day at a time”. I love them, and I think it’s because they give me the power to continue telling my story. They let me forever evolve and not feel stuck like my story is what it is. They allow me to change what I want and to improve what needs improvement.

On the home page, I moved around some of the pictures so it isn’t just a bunch of words and then pictures to make it more pleasing to the eye. At the bottom of the page I also added a “Recent Posts” section and a search bar. I don’t know why, but the search bar really does make me feel official in this whole blogging thing lol.

But let’s focus on my assignments this week.

I kicked off the week by making an album cover. I really enjoyed getting to put my creativity and love for bright colors into this piece.

“Caught Trippin'” by EDM Artist TRPP

I love EDM, and getting to make my own album cover and become my own artist was super fun! This ties to my story a little bit by showing my love of EDM, but I don’t think it showed it as in-depth as my other two assignments.

On Wednesday, I decided to interview myself, which I intend to react to and give my new answers to at the end of the semester.

I Take on Vanity Fair’s Annual Interview

I think I liked this so much because it allowed me to tell my story in the present tense. I’m going to be able to look back on this years from now and see what I was just genuinely thinking. I’m grateful I took the time to document it too because I think this type of thing isn’t something everyone has. Yeah, a few years from now I could look back and think, “Ok, yeah this is how I’m pretty sure I was,” but I wouldn’t have clear cut evidence of it. So yeah, I really enjoyed getting to tell the current place of my story in this video.

Finally, (and this one I was the most excited for), I made a TedTalk on my podcast, “A Tripp Through My Life“.

Forever Alone: A TedTalk

I loved this one the most. I don’t think I realized last week how much I would love just speaking my mind, my uncensored thoughts. In this, I got to tell the story of my view on relationships, or more so needing a relationship, that has changed over the past few months. I really can say that I have grown and I love being alone. I think this story is one anyone and everyone can benefit from, so if you’re going to check out anything, this should be it.

Finally, I read the posts of my classmates on what the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?” and summarized my thoughts. I think the best part of it was that all of us interpreted it with the fact that each of us are going to have unique ones, but we are all here and now for similar reasons.

I really loved getting to connect with my classmates this week on basically every platform. I kept up to date on my Instagram, tweeted at my classmates, checked out their work on other platforms, and commented on a bunch of their posts. I wasn’t expecting to feel this connected in this class, but it’s amazing.

I think this week I learned how important it is to tell my story. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but my main goal in life is just to spread a positive message (in whatever form that is). Whether one person sees my work and feels better, heard, or can relate–or a million people–I don’t really care. I like doing this for me. I love the creative outlet.

I don’t think I really struggled with anything this week. Yeah, it definitely was a pretty heavy workload, but I love it, so it’s all worth it. I can’t wait to see what this next week brings.


  1. Hi!! I’m so happy you liked my assignment post. I’ve sometimes find myself feeling insecure about my work, so to hear good feedback is awesome!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this weekly summary; the creativity you have brought to all of your posts and assignments so far has been amazing! I can’t wait to see more 🙂

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