What legacy do you want to leave behind?

My dream in life is to make a documentary. I want to make something meaningful that inspires people. Although this project was nothing huge, it was still a step in that direction and I could not be more proud of how it turned out.

I first started off by deciding that I wanted it to be silent. I think my favorite film pieces are ones that move you without you needing to hear it. I definitely made it more fun in the editing process because I was able to pace the music with the footage to symbolize how long it my friends spent thinking about their responses.

In the video we watched this week talking about the Luke Skywalker Star Wars scene, I remembered how they brought up the suspense of him lifting the ship (I think that’s what he was doing, I’m not sure I’ve never seen Star Wars, don’t come at me). I’ve been editing videos as my creative outlet since 7th grade, so I’ve gotten good at timing my cuts in order to hit the suspense point; however, I didn’t know it was an unwritten law until now.

When editing, I also cropped the videos to be relatively at the same place so the viewer can focus more on the individual rather than anything else (which is also why the background is bland).

Before finishing, I thought the footage was missing something. Initially, it was in color, which was nice; however, the school study room lighting was not it and made it seem like a school project–which it is, but that’s not what I was going for. So I opted to add black and white over it in order to make it more professional, and I wanted to add the frame just to add a little more spice.

Overall, I am extremely proud of this piece and how it turned out.

Feel free to let me know what legacy you want to leave behind down below!


  1. Okay….that was fantastic. You are absolutely on your way to creating the best documentary ever! I loved the timing of the cuts, the cycling through each person, the piano, and everything. At first I thought to myself. eh, why doesn’t she cut out the door closes, and the paper random sounds here and there but then I thought at the end that those little features reminded the viewer that the film was indeed silent and that those sound bits were only used to emphasize that. Great work! I too have thought it would be fun to create a documentary style film, but we’ll see. Maybe you just inspired me!

  2. That was so cool! Like Jonah, I loved the piano sounds and how it is in black and white. It kind of reminded me of an old movie. This is perfect for our theme!

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