I am in no hurry to get there because I don’t know what I’m doing.

Nick Burns

Hello! My name is Cailyn Tripp and I am a student at the University of Mary Washington. I have always loved documenting my life, whether it be through a video, telling a story to friends, or just taking pictures of candid moments. Hence, I decided it would only be right if I made a place where people join the “Tripp” (hahaha, you see what I did there?) that is my life.

The quote above is from one of my history teachers in high school. A lesson that has followed me through life is that you have no choice but to take it one step at a time and roll with the punches. One day in class, he said this quote, and I promptly wrote it down, deciding it was so special it deserved the honor of being my senior quote. As you can tell, it stuck with me so much that it’s still stuck with me today. I think it’s important, because after all, no one really has everything figured out, and it’s okay to “Tripp” up every once in a while.

I started this site as a part of the work for my DS106 course; however, I think I am going to find myself using it for more and furthering my storytelling later on.

I hope you enjoy following along as much as I enjoy documenting my experiences.

– Cailyn Tripp

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Hear about who I am and what story you are going to be following along!
I am a very proud Marylander lol. Couldn’t have information on my page about me without it.