Write, Wrote, Written.

Goodbye week three! This week was ALLLLLLL about the writing. Like I said in my Daily Create post this week, being creative is hard. I think this week really showed me how it isn’t so much the creating part that I struggle with, but more so coming up with what I am creating. I like everything I do to have an important meaning in either my life or for those around me, and that is the basis I followed for this week.

When this class first started (What’s (Y)our Story?), I mentioned how I like to tell my story best with those around me. Every assignment I put out this week represents that idea fully. This week gave me an opportunity to reflect on how much all of my friends impact me, what my values/goals are, and to just be grateful for everything around me.

So lets get into my work for this week!

I started my week off reading/watching the videos posted on our assignment page for Week 3. But then, it became time for me to analyze my own story. I had a decent amount of difficulty choosing what story to look at, but like I said in my post, I found my answer in my best friend, Tyler Michael. He has had a tremendous impact on my life, and the song I looked at (Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi), is one of our favorites to sing along to in the car.

Then it came time for me actually start the other writing assignments…

2 Stars – I kicked off my week by creating a bucket list. This was probably my favorite. I love to do things “just because”, and this gave me a place to voice that. I think one thing I’m going to set myself to is to do most of these before graduating from UMW, because I don’t want this to just be a list, I want it to be memories.
2 Stars – Then, I got to take quotes from a book I’m reading right now, 101 Essays that Will Change the Way You Think, and explain why they have had such a large impact on me. I tend to struggle a lot with getting in my own head; however, this book (I’m not even done it yet lol), has had an insanely positive impact on me. Since I’ve started reading it, so many things that I’ve struggled with for YEARS have begun to change for the better. I highly recommend the book!
3 Stars – Next, I took time to reflect on everyone around me who inspires me. I think the best part about this assignment is that I shared it with everyone I wrote about after posting it and I got to make sure they new how much they inspire me to be my best self everyday.
4 Stars – This was probably my favorite assignment of the week. I hand wrote (I know, I know, in a day of technology this is quite impressive) a letter thanking one of my good friends for the role he plays in my life. This was probably one of the most rewarding parts of this week. Although he lives in my building and I didn’t need to actually mail it, it was still fun getting to handwrite it and deliver it.
2.5 Stars – Finally, I performed 10 seconds of gratitude and came up with the first 6 things I could think of. A perfect list if you as me hahaha. Gratitude is probably my favorite emotion, so doing this assignment was really enjoyable for me. I think if I struggled with anything it was more so the time constraint, because I know if I had as long as I wanted, I could list things forever.

Total Stars: 13.5 Stars

Then, throughout the week I completed the Daily Creates! I couldn’t really connect with the ones this week the same way I did last week, but I still enjoyed them nonetheless.

My favorite one I completed this week was definitely the “What is outside that window?” I really liked getting to show off my view from my room (because I firmly believe it is one of the best on campus).

I also made sure to keep up with my classmates creations/assignments this week! I think my favorite Daily Create that I saw was from Lucy…

The amount of times my Zoom has crashed during class is insane. We really should put Lucy’s Caution Sign on online school.

Some of my favorite blog posts from this week were…

I loved Madeline’s take on her dog’s perspective of staying home. I miss my dog so much and this was such a cute and creative idea!
LOVED Ariel’s post about music! I really like making specific playlists and this gave me a chance to look into new music/find someone else who has specific playlists. I also recently got into the Lumineers who she showcased!
This was probably my favorite post this week (I commented, but it has not yet been approved). I really wanted to do this assignment, but I didn’t exactly know how to express my feelings. Morgan put everything I feel into words perfectly, and I hope one day I can get this good at it to fully express my gratitude towards my mom.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to write this week. When I was younger I LOVED creative writing, but I haven’t really had the opportunity to do so in a while. I didn’t really struggle when it came to the writing. But I did struggle a little more than I thought I would when it came to the Daily Creates. I think if anything, it taught me to not stress out so much, but to just do. My best work is when I stop overthinking.

I really enjoyed this week and I hope you enjoyed my work too! Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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