A Day in My Life!

Welcome to a day in my life… told solely through sound effects!

I used GarageBand and had to get creative with how I did this. I didn’t want it to be too long, but I also wanted to make sure I fit everything in, so some parts are rather short lived. But I think this only adds to the rushed feel of the audio (and my day).

I didn’t sprinkle in any audio of me doing homework (even though I PROMISE I do it) because when I do my work I need complete silence. I thought it would be weird if I included some form of audio to represent it, because the only thing that does is nothing.

I wake up, brush my teeth, and get ready. Then, it is time for me to drive over to lift, where I see some of my teammates and have a good laugh. After, I experience my favorite part of the day, when I return and take a nap. Next, I’ll get up, and I’m on my way to practice or a game (depending on what day it is). Finally, to end the day, I shower and get ready for bed. Falling asleep is very exciting for me because my days tend to be very full.


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