A Design Blitz from the Comfort of my Room.

Today I did my Design Blitz from the comfort of my room! It was pretty fun to see how different design principles play a role in my day to day life. Let’s see what I saw!

My room sign – The typography used makes the sign very pleasing to the eye. It is easy to read, matches the font used in the UMW logos, and since it is white, it stands out against the dark blue.

The evacuation sign – I found this one very interesting. They used colors and use of space very well here. The red against the navy makes everything pop, while the design with the pictures on the left and words on the right makes it very easy to follow and get the general idea of what the sign is saying quickly.

Dove Chocolate Rapper – I think what is the best part of this design is the function/message. Although at its basic root, the chocolate rapper is supposed to just hold the chocolate. However, every piece of Dove chocolate has an inspirational message which adds to the design process. As a consumer, it makes me more excited for it because of the message in the design.
Old Bay – Everything about this container was built for it to stand out. The colors are bold and stand out on a shelf. The typography pops and is in your face to help draw consumers in. These factors, along with the box shape being rectangular instead of a cylinder, help play a roll in it’s overall dominance. This box stands out on a shelf and is easy to find, whereas if I were to look for any other spice, the containers usually take the same shape, and the labels are usually more bland and simple.


  1. So cool how you were able to do this from your dorm room! So true about the Dove Chocolate wrapper. Definitely a really good marketing strategy haha

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