A Long Awaited Thank You

Dmitri holding my letter in my handmade envelope (because as a freshman with no means of transportation I had no idea where to get a real one).

When I was looking through assignments I could do this week, I stumbled upon the opportunity to write a letter and send it off.

I think my favorite emotion is gratitude. So, when I decided I would be doing this assignment, I thought of some of the people I am grateful for. I ended up deciding on my friend Dmitri Jordan. Both of us are from roughly the same area in Maryland, but we didn’t meet until coming to UMW.

Dmitri has filled the space of “older brother” for me–but I never really voiced that, OR my gratitude for it, until now.

I’ve never been the best at voicing my thoughts, especially when they are about something important or serious, but I would like to think that I’ve always been good at writing them down. So, I sat down, pulled out loose leaf paper, and wrote him a letter thanking him for playing such an important role in my life.

But, when it came time to “deliver” it, I realized I didn’t have an envelop, nor did I know where to get one… hence the printer paper with “Dmitri” written on it taped together to form some sense of an envelop. Even though, this wasn’t a traditional mailing of a letter, I still am happy that I got to mimic the experience as a broke college student.

I think what enjoyed most about this though is making sure he knows how grateful I am for him. I think everyone should know what they mean to you, and I happy I got to do that.


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