A Tripp Through Brainstorming

I’m honestly excited for this project. I love podcasts and everything they can bring to the table. I like the feeling I get when I listen to them and feel like I have someone to talk to when I’m bored–even though I’m not talking at all, just listening.

So, when it came time for brainstorming, I wanted to make sure that all of my ideas were ones people could connect with.

Idea #1: Literally just the people talking as friends–it sounds stupid, but I think it could be very entertaining. I love to talk about simple stuff with my friends, so I know I would enjoy producing something low-key just as much as I would love listening to it.

Idea #2: Telling our most iconic stories–everyone has a crazy one in a million story. You may not know it, but you have one. I think it would be fun to tell those.

Idea #3: If you’ve been following my blog religiously, you’ve learned that I like to tell my story by showing those around me. So for my final idea, I think it would be cool to talk about those who have impacted us the most in life. It would also be a cool thank you to show whomever it is we each are talking about.


  1. I really like your ideas, especially the one about telling our iconic stories! I think you can get a vibe from someone when you hear about their past experiences, but you can also learn a lot about someone by the way they tell their stories!!!

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