A Tripp to Fred DC

This is one of my favorite memories from last semester told only in sound effects.

It does not take much to entertain me, and I LOVE to go on adventures. With that information, it should be no surprise that one of my favorite places to go on an adventure to is the Mary Washington Monument–or as I call it, Fred DC.

This story is one of many, but it is probably one of my favorites.

One night last semester I had no homework and nothing to do (surprising to me now because I feel like my workload is about to break me). My friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go get dinner, but I had already ate, and by the time I saw the text, he had too. Regardless, both of us came to the conclusion that we still had nothing to do and were bored out of our minds. So, I suggested Fred DC.

However, I had not left my room for a couple hours and had no idea it was pouring rain.

I walked outside in sneakers and a hoodie, saw the down pour and ran over to his building so we could be on our way.

We then walked to Fred DC and downtown in the pouring rain for about an hour and a half. I know, I know, it probably sounds miserable for most people, but I would rather do that than be stuck in my room.

I hope you enjoyed that story just as much as I love the memory.


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