All Gas, No Breaks

This week I did a vlog from our lacrosse teams game vs CNU! I had a lot of fun editing the video and I think it shines through in the editing.

I used Final Cut Pro, and made sure to include funny clips/memes to add to the humor and fun effects.

I’ve edited videos for years, but I think it wasn’t until recently that I solidified my process. The best way to explain it is I work horizontally twice and then build up.

By this, I mean I edit through the footage first on deciding what I want to keep (first time working horizontally), and then I chop that down to get the pace I want/get rid of any awkward pauses (second time working horizontally). Then, I work my way through the video adding fun effects on top of the vlog that, in my opinion, would be rather boring without the fun effects.

My main focus in editing is to make it entertaining. Yeah, I want to tell the story, but I also want people to pay attention. I wouldn’t want to watch the video if it weren’t for the fun editing. One thing I have learned is how adding in the humorous pieces plays in the speed of the vlog. If you wait too long to add in a joke or a comedic edit, the audience will get bored and stop watching, but if you add in too many you lose the content in the story. Overall, it’s just about finding the perfect balance.

I know my team enjoyed watching the vlog, and I hope you did too!

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  1. I love to see the process you go through to make your vlogs with my own eyes. This vlog was especially cool because this was such a big game, and you always find a way to incorporate so many elements of video production.

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