And that’s a wrap.

This feels weird to say the least. I really am having a hard time comprehending the fact that this course is basically over. For the first time in my life, I was learning about things that genuinely intrigued me. My curiosity and willingness to go outside of my comfort zone shown through my work in this class. Although everything I’ve turned in displays this, my final project is the ultimate representation of it. So let’s take a look at what I did this week.

My Final Project

Completing this project was my main task for the week. Although the final product is a 3 and a half minute video, it is not only a 3 and a half minute video. In reality, the concept, footage, ideas of editing, and collection of materials to produce it have been in the works for about the past month.

But this week I actually put the final pieces together in the editing process, which was not easy. It actually took me about 6 days of straight editing, and a few late (4am to be exact) nights.

In my blog post highlighting “Life is Cool” I go into my editing process, which I best explain in the idea of editing horizontally and then vertically. I first edit the base layer of clips with the order I want them in, transitions, etc. Then I turn to vertical editing, where it comes time for me to add everything else that makes this a multi-medium piece (audio from the videos–or the absences of it, sound effects, pictures, words, etc.).

Pictured: A screenshot of everything edited and all of the layers. There are about four more layers above and below what is shown.

Vertical editing is definitely the most tedious part because it is what tricks the viewers subconscious to actually feel something. If it weren’t for the vertical editing, the video would just be a bunch of clips changing to music. This makes it a cinematic masterpiece. This evokes emotions.

When I finally finished the editing process, I then went to work on my thumbnail (which I made on Canva)

Pictured: My thumbnail

In my mind, the thumbnail is where you give viewers a sneak peak at what they’re going to experience in the video without them actually watching the video. So I wanted my thumbnail to…

A) Include an ~artsy~ shot I got when getting footage

B) Include photos like the ones I had appear in the video

C) Include a hand written font to make it feel more personable

And I included all of it. I have had a YouTube channel for years and have always struggled when it came to making thumbnails. I don’t know why, because I feel like it’s supposed to theoretically be the easiest part. But this thumbnail came surprisingly natural to me, and it is probably my favorite one I’ve ever made.

As for my other work for the week I submitted two ideas for the Daily Create!

My first idea was to have people create a slang word. I was a little stumped on what to do for my Daily Create submission and I looked around my room for help. My eyes fell on my door, where my roommate and I posted our goals for the semester. One of them was to create a new slang word: cackyknack. It essentially is used like the word bummer or buzzkill, or when someone/something is annoying but in a stupid/funny way. For example, my roommate spilled the Brita on the floor so I said, “Maria, you are such a cackyknack.” The word hasn’t gained any traction outside of our room, but it still has been fun to create something funny between the two of us.

My second idea was from the Tiktok trend a few weeks ago where people were taking funny quotes from their friends and making them motivational posters. The prompt has you go through your day and take a funny quote, that has nothing to do with motivational inspiration, and turn it into a cheesy motivational poster (like one you would see at the dentist or in a third grade classroom).

My third idea circles back to my first. Seeing my goals every morning really do push me to do my best and challenge myself. So that prompt has viewers write down some of their goals (in the present tense, as if they are already accomplished) for the month. I am a huge believer of the law of attraction and manifestation, so this is why it must be in the present tense.

To be transparent, this week has drained me… but it has been my favorite. I feel like I really got to see everything I learned in action in my final project, and I’m extremely proud of it. To everyone who followed my work this semester, commented on it, and supported me, thank you. I was very vulnerable in quite a few of my posts, and seeing others relate to me and support me made the anxiety gained from it worth it.

Thank you for following the Tripp Through My Life.

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