And We’re Live!

This week I listened to DS106 Radio, where I heard Episode Nine: I Saw Myself Running and ESC: Sonic Adventure in the Atmosphere.

Personally I am not an auditory learner, and listening to things in order to comprehend them is rather difficult for me. I usually need visuals. However, I greatly enjoyed listening to the radio! I think, for the most part, every other time I listened to something in order to hear a story/information, there wasn’t texture. By that, I mean there weren’t any sound effects, different voices, etc. It was easy to pay attention and follow along when those were included.

The different voices were my favorite part. I don’t know why, but it was easier for me to feel like I was in it and talking to a person, not just like little sound effects.

I also loved getting to hear from my classmates about how they got to hear my radio bumper! It was so cool getting to be featured and have my 15 seconds of fame!

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