Apply to Un-University!

Welcome to Un-University!

For this piece, I created a poster/cover of the show for design portion of this week! My group (Lucy, Rachel, and I) decided to go with the title Un-University because our theme is focused on college life during a pandemic.

I used Canva to help me make this. First, I searched through their copyright free images of college campuses and found this picture. I feel like this building reminds me a lot of college campuses (especially in movies) so I thought it would be great to work with! Then, I started to work on the typography.

I’m a big fan of the font used in the title “Un-University”. It is bold, clean, and simple–and although it is nicely presented, it lacks the “official” feel Times New Roman (or other fonts used in schoolwork) would have given it. That is the feel we want to give through our show. Yes, we are students and present ourselves well, but we still aren’t “official” in whatever areas of expertise we are planning on going into. We are still learning.

Then for the font where I included our names, I used a font that was a little more official because Lucy, Rachel, and I are running the show. In a sense, we are the teachers (or officials), in our show.

I really loved getting to create this piece, and I hope you are excited to apply to Un-University.

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