Back and Better Than Ever

Hello! I’m back to talk about our theme for DS106: What’s (Y)our Story?

In my initial post, I proposed it would be best to have everyone tell their story through their own lens. For me, thats through speaking my mind and documenting my life day by day. I like to be my authentic self and voice anything and everything that is affecting me right now.

After reading a bunch of my classmates posts, I realized all of us interpreted it similarly, but knew each of us would take it in another direction–because overall we each have a story, we each are here right now, but we have all taken different paths to get here.

I think I gained the most insight in AJ Storm’s post. I could tell from the get go that she enjoys telling her story, or any story, through writing. And after diving further into her work, I found I was correct.

This post was done COMPLETELY different than I would have done mine. Her’s walks readers through like a book; whereas, mine tends to be a stream of consciousness. We both put immense thought into our work, but we have completely different outcomes.

She brought this idea up herself when she said that you can give us all the same prompt, connecting our stories, but we will all end up somewhere differently.

We may all start with the same prompt but our endings will differ from each other.”

– AJ Storm

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