I’m not gonna lie, I have had my idea for my final project since the first week of this semester. I love using digital media as a creative outlet, and especially to tell stories. This class has provided me a space to do that, so I promise my mind has been running on my final since then.

In my last post brainstorming for my final project, I mentioned how

Those around us are the story. We are just the ones that tell it.”

Something More…

I still stand by this belief and I want it to be an active part in my final project. In that post I went into an idea I had on creating a general question that applies to my story, getting answers from those around me, and encompassing it together in a greater message.

This week I took a leap and I made probably the most vulnerable video I have ever created.

Videos are my creative outlet, and I can usually use them as a way to express my emotions. In this one, I expressed my gratitude for every day I am granted.

Gratitude is my favorite feeling–so I want it to be a large part of my final project.

So what is my plan?

I want to ask myself and all of those who are important around me “What are the little things in life that make it worth living?”

This question alone forced me to be grateful for every single thing around me, and I want to be able to incorporate my responses with my friends. I plan to get my friends to write their answers down on green paper so I can green screen it (like I did for the doodles in my video). I then want to capture cinematic shots of what my friends answered and put their handwritten responses over the footage.

I think I could make a very cinematic video and I think it would be even cooler because I want it to be decently silent. Yes, I want to incorporate music, but I don’t want people talking. I think pieces where no one is talking hit the hardest because when its over and you realize there was no one verbally guiding you through it, it makes your emotions 10x stronger.

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