Cross DS106 Off Your Bucket List!

When trying to figure out what assignment I want to remix, I searched through a bunch of my past work to gain inspo on old assignments I loved doing. Two that stuck out to me were my bucket list posts–because the first time I did it as a writing assignment and the second time I did it as a photography assignment.

So I quickly went to those assignments in the assignment bank and remixed them!

It was time for me to put my design skills to work!

So I hoped on Canva and created flyers promoting DS106 and people checking it off their bucket list! I made sure to use bright colors because they draw your eyes, give off positive energy, and are just overall pretty.

This may sound stupid but I’m actually really proud of my phrase “Check DS106 off of your bucket list and commit to the creative challenge today.” It just sounds very official and I’m proud of it hahaha!

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