Daily Create x2!

This week I did two Daily Creates!

March 15 – My first was sharing my first Tweet! It was so precious seeing my first Tweet! I vividly remember sitting there and thinking for probably about 30 minutes what I should put out for my first Tweet. I wanted it to be cool… yet fun… sophisticated… yet giving off the energy of a college student. So I went with an all lower case “hello ds106!!” with two exclamation marks to show off my excitement!
March 18 – Look mom! I’m on the moon! I love space and this was so cool to do! Maybe one day I’ll actually make it to the moon…

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  1. Hey!
    I like the photo you used for the moon picture! You look like you are having such a good time haha. It also took me awhile to figure out what my first tweet would be!

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