Dear Current Me… From Future Me.

I think I had the most fun creating this piece this week. A big part of my life… my story… is reflection. I love to sit down, take time to myself, and see what I’ve accomplished and what I want to in the future. So, I really enjoyed getting to pretend like everything I’ve always wanted to do is done!

I also have a HUGE desire to travel. I’m from Maryland, and have never really left the east coast, so I’ve always wanted to see more. I don’t necessarily want touristy vacations, but I want to be immersed into new cultures and learn about other people. The list of places I want to travel to and see is insanely long, but I like it that way.

When it came time to designing my postcard, I knew I wanted to capture these ideas. I used Canva and found photos that I felt fit a travel aesthetic. I also some inspirational travel quotes to add to the vibe. I love to wander and go for adventures. If you ask any of my friends what I like to do when I’m bored it is literally just that. I ask who wants to go on an adventure and we just go somewhere. No destination, no plan, just searching for a good story.

I switched the font to a calligraphy style one when it came to my letter because I feel like it made it feel more personal–more like I wrote it and didn’t type it (even though I WISH my handwriting was that nice).

I finally found an image of a stamp, popped it on the top right corner so my postcard to could reach my current self, and sent it on it’s way!


  1. Hey!
    I think your postcard is awesome! I really like the font you picked and the photos add a nice calming feel. I would love to travel as well one day…. hopefully the pandemic ends soon!

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