Forever Alone.

Forever Alone: A TedTalk – A Tripp Though My Life

Let me set the scene for you. It’s Sunday night, I’m sitting on the floor of my dorm room, going through every option on the Assignment Bank because I had nothing else to do, and I find an option to do a TedTalk. I was, to say the least–excited.

You see, I’ve always LOVED TedTalks, motivational speeches, whatever. If it was entertaining and had a positive message I was there, and with me LOVING the podcast I made last week, it was a no brainer that I was going to do this this week.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I. Love. Talking. I love it. I love to spread positive messages in whatever form I can, and this gave me a space to do so. However, it was a little difficult for me to decide what to talk about. I knew I wanted it to have a lasting impact on whoever listened–whether it was 2 people or 200. I also knew I wanted it to be something that was important to me, to my story.

I did a little reflecting on the past few months of my life and I realized how much I have grown. I genuinely have come to love every aspect of myself. I don’t think my mental health and self confidence has ever been this good. A year ago, I was in this mentality that I needed a relationship because it felt like if I didn’t have one, I was missing out on something. I felt like I had every other aspect in my life together (or as together as it could be), except for that one, and because of it I “wasn’t complete.”

Maybe I am missing out on something… but I’m still whole, and I’m still happy.

So yeah, this TedTalk on my podcast, “A Tripp Through My Life”, tells the story of the most significant transformation I have gone through in these past few months. Like last week, I sat down with my brother’s Xbox headset, (I took it to school with me, don’t tell him hahaha), opened Garage Band, and I spoke my heart. No editing, just some bullet points, and my raw mind.

I am thankful that this mentality and this growth gets to be a part of my story. I am thankful I get to tell this part of my story, and I hope you enjoy listening just as much as I enjoyed producing it.


  1. Hey Caitlyn- I think this podcast and the post for it is great! The quality of the podcast sounds so profesional and sounds like one I would listen to on spotify while I’m in the car . Also the way your post is written really brings the reader into the narrative and the story. Great job!
    I also think that college is a great time to fall in love with independence- it’s nice being able to do whatever you want and have so much freedom.

  2. Cailyn, I love your message and your overall work!!! I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health and positive energy this past year, and I think you do such a good job being candid and captivating about these topics! I can’t wait to hear more from you πŸ™‚

  3. I love this so much! You have such a great mentality and attitude, and you voiced some of the things I wish I could have told my younger self. When you said “Whoever said cat ladies were miserable?” I wanted to shout “YES!” because I’ve thought that for such a long time myself XD Your podcast sounds so professional and you put a lot of thought into itβ€”I really enjoyed listening to it! πŸ™‚

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