Get to Know ME-dia!

I think the pun in the title is funny! You get it? Get to know me… but in a bunch of different forms of media? HA! Seriously though, I really enjoy the digital media world, and I have since I was younger, so please check out all of my intro posts on my platforms! To make it easy on you, they’re all linked down below šŸ™‚

Get to know what my story will entail!
Listen to my past interest in the digital media world and how that led me to this moment!
I’m just a very proud Maryland girl hahaha!

Feel free to check out my Instagram as well @atrippthroughmylife to keep up to date on when I’m posting and other aspects of my day-to-day life!


  1. Impressive intro work! I don’t usually bring this up until later in the semester, but you seem interested in audio and podcasting. Audacity ( is a free audio editing program that’s not too difficult to learn, and quite powerful. We will be using this later, but you’re welcome to get a head start if you want. If you want to include theme or background music, you can use CC Search ( to find music that won’t get blocked by the copyright police. You could also google “open source music” ( We also have our own online radio station, #ds106radio (, which you can use to broadcast on the web. If you want to do that I can link you to directions. Or you could google it.

  2. Your YouTube video is so cute!!! ANDDD your voice/brain was made to produce podcasts omg. I’m so excited to see what else you create this semester!! (also you should really pick up the Vampire Diaries again, just through season 6 lol)

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