I am marrying Tom Holland and you are invited.

Yes, that is right, I am getting married to Tom Holland… in my dreams, and YOU are invited.

I designed my invitation on Canva, but the story behind the information on it made this so fun to create.

When thinking of wedding planning, I thought to start with the basics–the color scheme. My favorite color is pink, so it settled on a light pinky mauve color and white.

Then, I looked into the who (yeah it’s kinda funny that thought came second, after the color scheme). This didn’t take long lol… I knew I would turn to my celeb crush Tom Holland.

What came next? Time and place.

Late September has my favorite type of weather, so I went with the 25th (a Saturday). As for location, I simply Googled cool places to get married at and stumbled upon Haiku Mill in Maui… which is GORGEOUS! There is a ton of greenery and it is just overall really cool.

Finally, I wanted to wrap everything up with a reception including dinner, dancing, and music. I LOVE dancing–even though I am not good at it–so there needs to be dancing at my wedding reception.

I hope you all can make it hahaha!


  1. I am honored to be invited and so happy for you both!
    This invitation is so cute and I am in love with Tom Holland- sad to see him off the market 🙁

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