I finished Week 12… can’t you tell?

So this weekly summary is coming a little late, but for a pretty important reason. I found out Friday morning that I was a close contact for someone for COVID and have spent the past 48hrs going back home to North East Maryland/getting everything together back home for isolation.

But before I was faced with having to go home, I did do some pretty cool stuff. Let’s get looking!

First let’s start with the Daily Creates! Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Daily Creates this week. I tend to enjoy ones where I get to edit pictures/images and I feel like there were a lot of wordier ones this week (even tho I still chose to do two that were photo editing lol).

April 13th
April 15th

Then, I started my actual work for the week with my remixes!

I remixed my original cereal box creation (Nathan’s Reese’s Puffs) by taking it to a new medium and creating a commercial! This song has been trending on Tiktok recently so I new I had to take the opportunity!
Then I remixed my bucket list posts by turning it into an ad for DS106! I loved getting to pick out colors to use and figuring out slogans to draw people in!

Then it was time for my mashups!

I created a SuperPAC (which I honestly didn’t even know what it was until this project). The original link for the random generator wasn’t working so I had to do a little independent research in order to find it, but once I found it I was excited that this was the first one that popped up! It gave me a lot of YOLO vibes and I wanted that energy to show through my work. (3 stars)
I then finished my week by doing an Animoji Karaoke! I really enjoyed getting to create my Memoji and personalize it to myself. I also really liked getting to throw in some T-Swift. This 2 week isolation is going to give me a lot of time to become a Swifty lol. (5 stars)

I also made sure to keep up with my classmates assignments and look at everything they’ve been doing!

By far my favorite post of the week. Go check out my comment!
Another one of my favorites! Johnny does a great job in all of his work but I really like the message behind this one. Go check out my comment!
I’m willing to bet money that I will NEVER attend a country concert lol. Go check out my comment!
I thought this was so funny hahaha! Go check out my comment!
I love how Lucy made it relevant to today! Go check out my comment!
My elementary school years were filled with High School Musical while my middle school ones were filled with Mean Girls! I love the nostalgia this gives me!

Overall this week was a good one (for this class, for my situation and being sent home, not really hahaha). But I can’t wait to get going on my final project because I don’t think I’ve been this excited for something in a while! I just know it’s going to be great!

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