I Survived My 1st Week!

Hooray! I finished the 1st week of DS106!

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous at first, especially when it came to setting up this blog. I have never done it before, but I think I am finally starting to get the hang of it.

I kicked off my week by creating all of my accounts and setting this page up. You can find all of my accounts at…

Instagram: @atrippthroughmylife

Twitter: @trippthrumylife

SoundCloud: Cailyn Tripp – A Tripp Through My Life

YouTube: A Tripp Through My Life

I really enjoyed this week and getting to dive into a bunch of different platforms to introduce myself/kick off my story. Since COVID struck, I really wanted to start a podcast, but didn’t know what to talk about and just kept telling myself I could do it later. This week I made my first episode of my podcast “A Tripp Through My Life” on SoundCloud! I had so much fun doing it! I didn’t really know what I was doing at first, but once I got on a roll I loved it and I’m really proud of it. I hope to make more episodes in the future.

I’ve always loved the social media world, and I have even been making YouTube videos since my junior year of high school. But this week really gave me the opportunity to take a step back and make something with more thought behind it. In the process of making it, I realized my story is forever developing and something I need to tell as I go, but it also gave me an opportunity to use old footage to cherish the awesome memories I have.

This week also let gave me the chance to tweet for the first time! I know, I know, as a member of Gen-Z I should have used Twitter before, but I the opportunity just never presented itself. Honestly, coming up with something witty to tweet is harder than I thought. So when it came time to come up with what my first substantial tweet would be I decided to go back to my roots: good old Maryland. I love Maryland and I’ve lived here my entire life, so what better way to introduce myself than with my love for the state?!

The weather is always changing in Maryland hahaha! One day it can be 50 degrees and another it can be 26 degrees!

Next, I kick started my Instagram and got to use that as a way to help promote my other work and posts! I’m looking forward to using this app because its definitely one of my favorites to use in my personal life.

Throughout the week, I posted three times on this blog, feel free to check them out:

Hello DS106! – My first post! Wow!

Get to Know ME-dia! – I dive into my intro posts on my other platforms!

What’s (Y)our Story? – I give my opinion on where we should take the theme this semester.

For an overall reflection of the week, I think the hardest part was setting up this website. But in my defense, this was the first time I did this and I was kind of expecting it to be that way. I’m glad I got to learn how to do it though, because it forced me to push through being uncomfortable and now I actually really enjoy navigating this site. On a more positive note I found the podcast to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. Initially I thought I would run out of things to say, but once I got going I had no problem! The podcast was definitely my favorite part of the week. Maybe it’s because I’ve been social distancing in my house all break and craving social interaction, maybe it’s because I just love talking… the world may never know. To be transparent, I really was expecting this week to be a lot harder than it was because there was a lot on the to do list, but I genuinely love doing this. I love being active on social media. I love touching other people’s lives through social media. I hope that shines through in my work this week, and I can’t wait to see what the next week brings.

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