Me, Myself, and I

One of my favorite things in life (outside of storytelling) is reflecting. Whether it be on how I’ve grown, what I want to accomplish, or what I’m grateful for–I love it.

I took this opportunity by making the third episode of my podcast, A Tripp Through My Life, a self reflection on myself in this class.

To do so, I used Garage Band, my brothers Xbox headset as a microphone, and my laptop. I then sat down and got to talking!

I also added a little intro to my podcast, but decided to leave out background music for the most part because I like it to feel uncut and authentic–which everything is.



  1. Stuff like this makes my day. It describes everything that I want to happen in this course – learning through creating, about media and about ourselves, and doing it for the personal rewards. And finding deep personal connections in the online environment – some people doubt that’s possible, others are living proof.

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