Rad Radio Reflection

I gotta say, it was really cool getting to hear myself on the ds106 Radio on Monday!

Unlike a lot of people, I love to listen to myself talk (lol… maybe that’s why I talk so much). Ultimately, I think it was just cool knowing everything my group created was out there, not just on a blog page. We spent a lot of time making our radio show (Un-University) what it was, and we are all really proud of it. It makes me happy we were able to share our college experience in the pandemic with everyone else.

On Wednesday, I listened to Walking Down Memory Ave! I love being thrown back into my childhood! The commercials were 100% my favorite part no doubt! I had forgotten about WebKinz even though they were basically my favorite thing on the face of the planet when I was little.

I think one thing that would have been cool/made the show feel more fluid would have been if there were multiple talking at once (more conversational). I know I love radio shows that feel like it’s me talking with friends and I think that would have been a nice touch. I still loved the show nonetheless!

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  1. I also had a love for webkinz! Did you have the account online with all of your pets in virtual house? It was super cool to hear others that also enjoyed the plushies and the game 🙂

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