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Throughout this semester, I’ve said how I like to tell my story through how those around me impact my life. When reflecting on how I could make my story something more…

I think I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone who I have wrote about are still a major part in my story. They still have had a huge impact on my life.

I just think that now, I like to tell it by showing how my life–my 1 in a million–can not only cross with someone else’s, but relate, and become something beautiful.

In reality, you owe no one nothing. We just choose to care for each other and make these amazing bonds with people, and I think thats what I like to showcase through my work.

Those people are not who I tell my story through. They are the story, and I tell it.

I like to make people feel comfortable and heard. Because of it, I’m pretty much an open book. My best friend, Tyler Michael, has taught me it’s easier to form a connection with someone when it feels like you’re already best friends. A mix of confidence and vulnerability is what sells this feeling.

I really want to tell the narrative of something I’ve gone through and use it as a way for other people to tell their story.

I think it would be cool for me to ask a question over Twitter (to reach our class) or TikTok (to reach a wider audience) in order to create something like this.

Back in March of 2020, I posted a YouTube video that got 35k views and ended up getting me on television with Barack Obama, LeBron James, and Charli D’amelio (yes, slight flex). The video was a way for me to express my disappointment with losing the second half of my senior year. Yeah, it was sad, but ultimately I knew it needed to happen. I used the video as a way for me to express my emotions. But one thing that shocked me was when comments began rolling in saying how I was able to display exactly what other people were feeling.

Those comments were the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.

I tend to struggle when it comes to putting my thoughts into words when I speak; however, through creative mediums, it’s a different story. I would like to think it’s where I thrive.

So what am I getting at here?

Ultimately, I think I want to take a poll or send out a question or whatever, and get answers from people (whether that be at UMW–however, I would love to do something as wide as the TikTok platform) who can relate to something I’ve gone through.

Then, I want to take their answers and mash them with my own story… creating something that is, in the end, our story.

Because like I said earlier, those around us are the story. We are just the ones that tell it.


  1. Cailyn, I just watched your video, and although I’m not from the class of 2020 (I was class of 2019), I felt like I was stepping into your shoes for the 5 minutes and 12 seconds of your video. The majority of friends I had who were graduating from high school in 2020 weren’t too upset about not getting a graduation, since a lot of their experiences had been pretty rough. But I knew that if it were me, I’d be so sad, and I knew that there were seniors out there who were devastated. This really put it into perspective what it was like. I had imagined before how I would feel and what I would think, but your video brought it to life, and you spoke from a deep emotional place that really touched me. I tend to be a sentimental and nostalgic person, so your story resonated with me. Additionally, you edited the video beautifully. All of the snapshots and clips were put together so nicely, and the typewriter sounds with the writing was a great touch. Your video absolutely deserves all of the love and views it has received, both for the story and the editing.

    (Also—I noticed someone wearing a Ravens hat in a car in one of the clips, and it reminded me that you’re from Maryland! I commented on one of your Twitter posts wayyyyy back that I’m from MD too, so I wanted to give a shoutout to a fellow out-of-stater! I’m from Columbia, in Howard County.)

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