Testing Out Tips

I took this image of Orion in my backyard a couple summers ago. This was my first time taking the tip/messing with the exposure/aperture/shutter speed because it was so dark (when it is dark you REALLY need to mess with the settings in order to be able to see anything. It took me SOOOOO many tries in order to be able to see the stars). I LOVE THE STARS, and Orion is my favorite constellation.

I think this image/the story behind me capturing it truly encapsulates my story of loving stars and photography.

Like said in the caption, I love stars and Orion is my favorite constellation (only because it is easy to find lol). Most of my childhood memories take place under the stars with my neighbors, and I think at a young age I fell in love with the idea that I’m so small in the grand scheme of things. That realization has helped tremendously with my worrying and overthinking over the years. So when I was making my selection on what to capture, it was a no brainer to take a picture of the stars, and more importantly my favorite constellation.

I think the most noticeable thing is the contrast and light in the image. It reminds me a lot of home not only because of the fact that it is my backyard, but because right above the tree line you can see the artificial light in the distance. I live in the suburbs, so although I’m still able to see a ton of stars, there always is that under-glow of artificial light in the distance. I think this adds to the silhouette in the picture and makes the trees compliment the stars.

My fascination with the stars making me feel so small added to the perception of this piece. I shot it at an upwards angle, so I was looking up at the stars… or you could say they were looking down on me.

This fled into the depth and foreground/background of the image. Although the silhouette makes everything in the foreground look like it is on the same plane, the effect creates a depth that makes the constellations in the background pop even more. I think my favorite part about the depth is that Orion takes up more space in the image than the trees do. Yeah, when we look up at the sky, the constellations themselves always seem big, but in my mind, the stars are always so small. So, this image truly is magnificently mind boggling to me.

Another aspect that really adds to the photo is the balance. I think that the Rule of Thirds is my favorite rule to go by when it comes to photography. Although the image is not symmetrical and completely balanced, Orion being placed on the right third makes the image pleasing to the eye.

But my favorite part of the image is the moment. This night, I had seen a post on Instagram on how to mess with the settings on the camera in order to take pictures of the stars, promptly walked downstairs with my tripod and camera, and went outside with my dad to take pictures. Both of us have always loved photography, and getting to just nerd out with him over a camera was a lot of fun. I don’t think he knows it, but it’s one of my favorite memories with him.

To the average person, this is probably just a picture of the stars. But to me, it was a thought out experience that helped me bond with my dad.

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