The Book that Changed My Life.

All of these quotes are from the book 101 Essays that Will Change the Way You Think. This book has single handedly changed the way I see the world, interpret my interactions with those around me, and think about myself. For this assignment I couldn’t just pick one quote, because the book really has impacted the way I live my life. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Below, I have the quotes along with my interpretation of it/why it is important to me.

You are psychologically incapable of predicting what will make you happy.”

One can not predict whether or not something will make them happy. Assuming something won’t make you happy is just shutting you off from possible enjoyment. This quote reminds me to be open to new moments, opportunities, and adventures.

Nothing has to be an essential part of your life unless you decide it is.”

I really used to struggle with catastrophizing situations I’m in, but this quote reminds me how I hold power in my life.

You will never be ready for the things that matter.”

It reminds me to go with the flow of life and just react as it’s happening because no one can really interpret what is coming next–which I think we all learned this past year. I had a lot of people who mean the entire world to me come into my life in 2020. I wasn’t expecting it, like a lot of the other 2020 events, but they are what matter the most to me right now.

Nobody–not one person–knows what they’re doing with their life.”

I’m not even gonna lie, sometimes I feel like I really am faking my way through life, but when I take a step back I really do realize everyone else is just spitballing as they go.

Be proud that you could tell your younger self about you now and they sincerely wouldn’t believe you.”

I’ve grown so much over my past 18 years of life, and I the immense gratitude and pride I feel for it is insane. My past self wouldn’t recognize me right now, nor would she have believed that she is me.

Passion is the spark that lights the fire; purpose is the kindling that keeps it burning all night.”

I stumbled across this quote in the book shortly after watching Disney’s Soul, and it reminded me a lot about the message in the movie. This quote really made me reflect on what my passions are and helped me find my purpose, or whatever my 18-year-old brain thinks my purpose is: to connect and inspire people.

What you seek, you ultimately find.”

This quote reminds me of a lot of the law of attraction, because I truly believe that whatever you look for/put out in the world, you will get back. Love, happiness, and gratitude is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes a little to see it.

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