The Chum Bucket

Welcome to my bucket list: The Chum Bucket. Honestly, probably not that impressive of a bucket list (hence the chum), but mine nonetheless. So let’s get this party started.

  • Skydive
    • WHY: Obviously.
  • Go vegan for a week
    • WHY: Honestly I just wanna see if I can do it.
  • Go swimming in a dress
    • WHY: I feel like it will make me feel like a mermaid, or a princess, either way, a magical experience.
  • Write a letter to my future self
    • WHY: I did it when I was younger, but I haven’t really done it since growing up. I just wanna tell my 50-year-old self what’s up.
  • Make up a character and spend an entire night as them
    • WHY: Honestly I just wanna see if I can do it… again.
  • Recreate “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” Tunnel Scene
    • WHY: I intensely believe I am the main character. Even if I’m not, I will continue to act like one.
  • Make a video romanticizing my life
    • WHY: I love making videos and I’ve been seeing tons of them on Tiktok just romanticizing life… I want to do that.
  • Write “Thank You” letters to anyone and everyone who has changed my life
    • WHY: Gratitude is the best feeling and I don’t think I have thanked people enough.
  • Get ordained
    • WHY: I want to officiate one of my friend’s weddings.
  • Contact someone with the same name as me
    • WHY: I just think it would be funny.
  • Run a mile every hour for 24 hours
    • WHY: I want to be able to say I’ve done it.
  • Own a pair of superhero underwear
    • WHY: It’s funny.
  • Give a waiter a $100 tip
    • WHY: It would make their day.
  • Inspire someone
    • WHY: It’s literally all I want to do in life. If I had to pick one thing to do in life it would be this.
  • Ride in a train
    • WHY: It’s a basic thing in life I’ve never done it before.
  • Nominate myself for a TedTalk
    • WHY: I recently found out that you can nominate people for a TedTalk and I love public speaking (even though it scares me).
  • Make a documentary
    • WHY: My dream job is to make documentaries and help other people tell their stories.
  • Arrive at the airport and take a flight to a random destination
    • WHY: I want to be more spontaneous.
  • Bathe at 4:00am with clothes on to the Kahoot remix
    • WHY: WHY NOT…?
  • Shower in the dark
    • WHY: A lil spooky, might as well step out of my comfort zone.
  • Chug pickle juice in the rain
  • Eat pasta without silverware
    • WHY: Finger foods are the best food. Why not make more food finger food?
  • Play love songs really loud in the car and sing to random people at stop lights
    • WHY: I know if I saw someone do this to me it would make my day, and I would love to make someone else’s. Also, the world could use a little more love.


  1. Cailyn this is such a great bucket list and made me laugh at multiple points. Good luck checking some of them off your list! (I’d particularly love to hear about how singing to random people at stop lights goes lol)

  2. Caitlyn ,
    I loved reading this bucketlist! I think that its so cool your dream job is to make documentaries! What are some of your favorite documentaries?- I need some more to watch, I just watched Diana in her own words which was really good!

    Also, I have seen those tiktoks romanticising my life videos and I want to make one too! Also there is a new tik tok trend making joke Ted talks so maybe you can do that!


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