The People Tripping With Me

For this assignment I took inspiration from “The Brady Bunch“! I used Adobe Spark in order to make my collage of me and my friends (the people who are tripping though my life with me).

I chose to do all of my friends because they have truly given me a family outside of my bloodline. I am a big believer in you get to choose who is a part of your family, and I see all of them like brothers/sisters. Each of them have been there for me through the twists and turns in my life, and I hope to always do the same for them.

Not to brag, but I really do believe I have the best friends. They inspire me to be the best I can be everyday, which I wrote about last week!


  1. I love this image. Remixing the Brady bunch but with your friends is an amazing idea (and now I kind of want to try it…). It reminds me of a video I saw recently on YouTube. They created the whole intro for the Brady bunch but with Marvel characters. It was hilarious. Here’s the link if you are interested:

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