Three Daily Creates Later…

I think this week was my favorite week of Daily Creates so far!

I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to make a video for this class because it’s just something I love to do and I finally got to show that aspect of my life on the 2nd.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve created!

March 1st – I actually messed around with this for a while and kept making different shaped icebergs for fun, but I think this one was my favorite! I loved how it was shaped like a cloud!
March 2nd – My FAVORITE Daily Create of this week! I loved getting to put together a bunch of my favorite memories. It’s stuff like this that makes me take a step back, breathe, and realize that everything that I’m stressing out about right now is going to be okay.
March 3rd – I thought this GIF was funny! I love Monsters University and I knew I had to take this opportunity to use it!

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