Un-University is Un-Officially Official!

I can’t believe Un-University is almost done!

This week has definitely required more planning than last week, but it was a lot more fun in my opinion. Last week, my group worked separately (except for our Zoom call), but kept up to date on each others work through email/text for the most part. In our Zoom last week, we discussed the structure of our show and the things we would need to do in preparation of when we did the final cut for the parts we when were talking together.

Then, I tweeted out at our classmates (with the help of Professor Bond) for questions we could add in our advice section, which I collected throughout this week and sent out to Lucy and Rachel so they would be ready for when we met.

On Monday, we Zoomed (and pulled the audio from it) and all collaborated together to put together our radio show. One thing we all agreed on was that the shows we love the most are ones where the hosts are going back and conversing. We wanted the show to feel like something we put together, not like we all contributed and threw stuff together. On our Zoom, we talked through our favorite quarantine shows, the advice section, and compared our day to day life in college.

I really liked putting together our radio show, and I can’t wait for you all to officially hear Un-University!

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  1. Tweeting out for advice was a very smart idea, I wish we had thought of that! I am also very excited to hear your show where you recorded the audio ‘together.’ My group took a different route and individually recorded stories before mashing them together into our final show.

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