Un-University is Under Construction!

This week my group has made some great progress on our show!

We met last night to discuss everything that we wanted to do and it was a very successful meeting. At first, we were all thinking about doing it a little more independently; however, after reflecting on what we like in a radio show, we ultimately decided to do most of it together.

One thing we want to capitalize on is the difference in the college experience on and off campus during the pandemic, as well as the difference for different years. Rachel is a Junior who is currently doing school at home, while Lucy and I are freshman who are on campus.

We really want to show not only our interests/how we have been relaxing differently during this corona filled college experience, but our day to day schedule as well.

We had the idea to tell a sound effect story for mine and Lucy’s day to day life (we both have similar schedules because we are both on the lacrosse team at UMW) and Rachel’s day to day life. We then plan on reflecting as a group on the differences. We also really want to incorporate our audience/classmates in our show so we are planning on doing an advice “column” aspect of the show where we give our input on questions about college during the pandemic (feel free to leave any questions in the comments!).

Overall, I think my group is in a really good place with our bumpers, commercials, and other pieces, and we have a really good game plan for how we want the show to look! I can’t wait to have the final product!


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