Un-University? More like Zoom University.

And Un-University has it’s first commercial! Zoom has officially bought an add on our radio show!

When putting together this commercial, I first reflected on what I would do it on. I asked myself, what are necessities for online school? The easiest answer (because it’s used by most students nowadays) was Zoom!

Then, I got to writing my commercial. I wanted to draw listeners in by asking a few questions, then I added a statement from Zoom, and I concluded with my opinions on it and the phrase, “Sign up for Zoom today and watch your education soar!”

After that, I started to figure out what I wanted the background music to sound like. I used GarageBand, so I was able to work with a bunch of different beats, instruments, etc. I ended up using some synth and techno vibes because I thought that was the most fitting for our electronic run year. After all, would we really be doing school right now if it weren’t for electronics?

I finally recorded my written commercial over the background audio I created and the commercial was done! I’m sure most of us already are, but if you aren’t, sign up for Zoom today!

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  1. I love your monotone voice. This seems pretty modern and I could definitely hear it on the radio. I like that you included a little of the music after you stopped talking. That is a nice touch.

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