Week Five, I’m Alive!

This week was probably the most difficult for me–solely because of the amount of time I dedicated to my assignments. With all of the hours I put into my work, I can confidently say I’m proud of everything I’ve produced.

I started out my week by listening to “Moon Graffiti” and reflecting on the use of sound effects/empathy throughout the piece.

Here is my post about it!

I then proceeded to complete three Daily Creates!

Feb. 21 – Be the first to share something from the UK Science Museum.
Feb. 23 – Showed off my favorite birds!
Feb. 25 – Flexed my Maryland pride with the Bay Bridge and a crab.

Next, I created my radio bumper, which even got featured on DS106 radio!

Then, I listened and live tweeted along with DS106 Radio!

I even got a Tweet from my classmate about my radio bumper!

Now it was time for me to get on with my assignments!

I started out by doing a self reflection for this course. I really enjoyed getting to take time and comprehend how this class has been pushing me to grow in these past few weeks.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to be grateful for taking a class where I get to do what I love and take a break from my busy schedule. I love podcasting, and I hope that shines through this piece.

Then, I made a mixtape. This took me the longest (3 days to be exact). I tried to upload it to SoundCloud and YouTube; however, both got copyrighted. Regardless, I was not going to let all my work–especially because it was on something I am so passionate about–go to waste. Below is the MP3 file, feel free to give it a listen!

A Tripp Through UCLA with Kanye and Mr. Worldwide

Finally, I told a story only through sound effects!

In this piece I told the story of when me and my friend Julian went on an adventure in the pouring rain; however, once it started thundering we ran back home.

And finally, I brainstormed some ideas for what we can do on our own radio shows! I think my favorite idea I had was my 3rd idea, where I brought up talking about those who have had the biggest impact on our lives.

Throughout the week I made sure to comment and check in on my classmates’ posts! I think my favorite ones to see were the radio bumpers, just because everyone had different takes on it.

My two favorites were…

Check out my comment!
Check out my comment!

I also really liked getting to see everyone’s different ideas on what we could do for the radio shows! I especially loved these ideas…

Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!
Go check out my comment!

I think my favorite assignment I saw this week was from “And Yet, I Rise”. It was the “And then you die.” post. This audio gave me chills! I’m still waiting on my comment to be approved, but go check it out!

Overall, I really enjoyed this week. I think the workload was 100% more than I expected (and I struggled a bit more than I would have hoped), but I loved everything I made nonetheless. I can’t wait to see what I bring to the table next week!

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